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Diamond R Way Out Yonder  "Yonder"

Don't be tricked by his muscular look, his superior trainability and calmness wins over every visitor. Speed, agility, and endurance are his main attributes. He goes on a run almost every day and spends the rest of the day on the house porch.  Yonder weighs 80 lbs, his puppies tend to be playful, driven, and athletic.  Females tend to be 50-60 lbs and males have been typically been 60-75 lbs.  The sire of many of our pups who have gone on to do many different things! From therapy dogs, family dogs, and dogs of hunting outfitters, Yonder pups are eager to please. This guy has been the father of many notable dogs in our program, as well as our personal friends and family dogs.  His offspring, Mayday, Punch, & Queenie, are all in our breeding program. 

Diamond R Wagon Tail Roger Dodger  "Roger"

Roger is from an outside breeding line in Montana and was one of the easiest pups we ever trained. He has been a driven hunter, loves the water, and has retrieved over 500 birds during his three guided waterfowl seasons. Roger is a giant teddy bear inside and a beast during hunting season.  He is our smallest male with 58 lbs of pure muscle & deep chest.  Roger puppies have been eager to please, have superior trainability, incredible intelligence, and have a classic and consistent look.  These pups have become great waterfowl/upland hunters and are proven to be fantastic family and adventure dogs.  His pups have been around 50-70 lbs, with males averaging 65-75 lbs on the larger end and females on the smaller, and all extremely smart.  Just the ultimate combination of a loving Lab! His daughters, Cuda and Duckie, are part of our program as well. 

Diamond R Super Puncher "Punch" 

This boy is the definition of a beautiful Labrador.  He loves retrieving and swims better than a fish, with a few 20+ yard water retrieves, even as a small pup. During travel and while indoors he has been totally calm and relaxed.  He is happy to be crawled on by kiddos, retrieving, and lounging on the porch! We are excited to watch his progress over the many years to come full circle in the field. He has been an excellent addition to our guided waterfowl dogs.  He is one of our largest dogs, at around 78 lbs fully grown. He is a perfect stud to continue the legacy of his father, Yonder, and his mother, Delaney.  His full sister, Queenie, is our host program.  




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