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“I could not say enough good things about the yellow lab I got from Diamond R Kennels. Chip has the best temperament and is always wanting to please. He has such a fun personality. Chip’s hunting instincts are wonderful which made it super fun when working with him on improving his hunting skills, not to mention much easier! His yellow coat blends in super well in the field which is also a huge bonus. I wouldn’t think twice before buying another lab from Diamond R Kennels. They produce some amazing dogs!”


"My husband spent months researching reputable kennels and was impressed with Diamond R’s dogs and facilities, so we figured we would get on the list. Our Diamond R pup is now 3 months old and we could not be more pleased. His temperament is wonderful. He’s mellow around large groups of people, new dogs, kids, horses, and just about anything else. When it’s time to play or train, he’s smart, attentive, and enthusiastic. He has great conformation and will make a great hunting buddy and family pet. Thanks Diamond R! For anyone not in their area, the selection, purchase, and shipping process was simple and he arrived happy and healthy."


“5 Star operation! I have been lucky enough to now own two of these wonderful pups. In July we welcomed a new member to our family. Gunner is our first chocolate lab. As expected Gunner is healthy, smart and beautiful. If youre looking for the perfect hunting/family retriever visit Diamond R!”


We gained our new family member in January of 2020 for our 16 year old daughter. Fynn is absolutely the best! We had no idea how much laughter and joy a special lab could bring. He enjoys everything outside, fishing with our daughter, hiking in the mountains and even his harnessed side by side rides. I cannot thank you so enough for such a wonderful animal! We always get compliments on him.



“I absolutely love my dog. Great working bird dog with exceptional natural talent. Smart, easy to train, and fantastic house dog also. Diamond R Kennels was easy to contact and communicate with when we were looking for a dog. Diamond R Kennels surpassed my expectations by far. I would absolutely recommend them if you are looking for a great dog. When I am ready for another I will go straight back to Diamond R Kennels!”


"My family has purchased many labs over the years from various breeders/litters and was blown away by our experience with Diamond R. We purchased a male black lab from them and could not be more impressed with his athleticism, brains, or obedience. One of the sweetest and easiest dogs to train. The owners were accommodating, helpful, kind and fabulous communicators. We definitely plan on being back again. Would recommend to anyone interested in purchasing a lab."



“Our yellow lab, Cinch, is by far the best lab we have ever owned. I called several breeders when we were looking for a new pup. Austin with Diamond R, was by far the best to talk to. He was very informative and was willing to visit however long it took so all my questions were answered. Even before Cinch turned one, he was hunting and retrieving birds. Not only is he a good hunter but he is a very loveable, affectionate dog. He loves to lay across your feet. It doesn't matter which member of the family, he loves all of us equally. Callan works very hard at staying in touch with all their customers. She posts regularly on Instagram and communicates with emails and personal text messages. I can't say enough good about Diamond R Kennels and their dogs!" Carol”


"My 9 month old Diamond R dog has been nothing but a delight! Eddy has a great off/on switch. She's driven and athletic when we're out, but either cuddling with the cat or lounging by the fire when we're inside. She also receives a lot of comments on her looks- my favorite is the "Cadillac of Black Labs". All around she's like any Diamond R dog- a sweet, easy to train, and well-tempered addition to the family. The fact that she's at this age, in the middle of heat, and still so well mannered and laid back is a true testament to the quality and care Austin and Callan put into breeding these lovely labs!"


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