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  • When is the next available puppy?
    We generally have between 20-40 people on our waitlist at any given time. Please get ahold of us early! Our litters are typically sent home between April-September each year. Wait-time for chocolate is longer (1.5 Years) as it is a recessive color, and only about 10% of our puppies are chocolate.
  • What do I have to do to place a deposit?
    First, we ask you read our deposit page on this website to become familiar with our process. Either email or call us to let us know what you are looking for in a dog and we will discuss if our dogs are right for you, and the next steps in getting on a waitlist for a Diamond R Labrador puppy.
  • When will I be notified about my upcoming puppy?
    If we have a successful pregnancy, we will update our website accordingly. We then can notify everyone who is next on the waitlist around 1 week after their birth date. Once it is confirmed the puppy of your choice has been born, we ask you confirm within 2 days of notification that you will be taking the puppy.
  • What is included in the price of my puppy?
    Elbow, Genetic Hip, and Eye Tests of our breeding dogs Other Genetic tests of our breeding dogs (EIC, CNM, and more, ask for our full test if interested) Dewclaw removal Updated shots De-Worming Individual Vet-Check of your puppy at 6 Weeks Extensive Socialization with people & older dogs Sensory Introduction to toys, the outdoors, vacuums, music, and different flooring. Guarantee against genetic hip dysplasia, as well as genetic eye defects. Ask us for our full guarantee via email or read it on our website. Puppy Packet, Puppy Toy, and Blanket
  • When do the puppies get to go home?
    We send puppies home starting at the 8 week weekend. Before pick day, we will schedule an hour long appointment for to choose and take home your puppy by order of deposit date. At this time we will go over food, training, and behavioral suggestions for your dog based on your lifestyle and the temperament of the puppy. If you live out of state or in Canada, we can safely ship to any international airport near you beginning at 8 weeks. Puppies remaining after 8 weeks will be charged $40/day.
  • Do I have to pick up my puppy in person?
    No, we are more than happy to help you make a choice between puppies. All puppies picked up after 8 weeks must be chosen in advance at 7-8 weeks via photos. We can only ship puppies starting at 8 weeks on. We offer premium in-cabin shipping to your closest airport of choice. Prices vary depending on current Delta airline prices.
  • Whats the difference between American and English Labradors?
    We breed American Labradors, which typically have been bred for field work in the United States while English Labs have typically been bred for show competition. American Labs tend to have a lankier, athletic look while English Labradors tend to be heavier set, with larger heads and stout bodies. That being said, not every American Lab is the same, nor every English Lab. There are hundreds of Labrador breeders in the US who have different priorities from each other. The best thing to do when purchasing a Labrador Retriever is to read reviews about the breeder, read about the breeders priorities when it comes to hunting or not, and look at pictures and the health of the breeding dogs and past puppies.
  • Should I choose male or female?
    Consider these: 1) Size: Our Males full grown will average between 65 and 75 pounds. Females average between 50-65 lbs. If you prefer a smaller dog, consider these. 2) Personality. Each of our breeding dogs have produced both working dogs and family dogs. We do not see a difference in male or female dispositions when it comes to control issues. Females can sometimes be more independent while males can be more attached to you. 3) Hunting ability: No difference. Since the males are larger, they are more muscular but females can be every bit as effective in the field and we have never chosen a dog to guide over based on sex, only ability. 4) Neuter/Spay: Males can be neutered and females spayed with no adverse effects on their working abilities or personalities AFTER reaching full growth, preferably 2 years but we require at least 1 year to keep our guarantee on your dog. Metabolisms will slow differently for each and you should monitor their weight after a spay or nueter. Please talk to your vet about a timeline for spaying or nuetering, the best thing to do for your dogs health is wait until they are fully grown before taking away beneficial hormones.
  • What is the difference in colors of labs?
    We have all the three colors of labs in the Diamond R bloodline. Chocolate Labs, Yellow Labs, and Black Labs available. There is no personality difference in between the three colors in our line, and you can generally find all three colors within one litter. We have raised and trained all three colors the same way and their personalities come from their parents, not their color. Each person has their own unique preference, if you have questions please email us we are happy to answer anything. Our line breeds for ability and temperament first.
  • Do you board dogs?
    No we do not board dogs. Please refer to Google for the most recent updates on whoo boards dogs in Bozeman or Ennis.
  • Do you have a vet recommendation?
    We exclusively use Hardaway Vet in Belgrade, all of their Veterinarians are excellent in not only small animals, but large animals as well. Hardaway Vet has worked with many Diamond R dogs and puppies, and are always up to date on the parents health. For those out of town, please use Google as a reference point to research different Vet practices.
  • I have more questions....
    Please send us an email via our contact page. We generally respond within 24 hours. Our phone line is reserved for immediate questions or urgent matters. Facebook: Diamond R Kennels Instagram: @diamondrkennels
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