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Diamond R Doc Tilley's Missy "Missy"

A calm & loving gentle giant packed into a beautiful frame, tall and lean at 68+ lbs, she is an athlete outside but totally tranquil inside all day long. She's quick to spot birds (sometimes even before us) and is as smart as they come. Her pups have been proven and solid upland & waterfowl hunters, with a playful spirit and good classic lab looks as well as just wonderful family companions. We aren't sure if Missy likes kids, or puppies more! She just can't get enough attention. Really just well-rounded dogs! The kindest and calmest gal. Puppies have been some of the smartest dogs we have encountered. 

Diamond R Cherub "Cherry"

Cherry is small-bodied, lean, 60 lb driven chocolate who came from an outside breeding in Montana to join our family. She has a sweet and bouncy personality and has a textbook beautiful lean American-style look.  She is easy to train and listens perfectly.  Her puppies are driven hunters, enthusiastic & friendly. Not to mention absolutely beautiful! Her obedient energy towards training has passed down to her offspring, and we love the variety of skills the pups have developed. Cherry comes from a very accomplished line of hunting dogs and has an impressive pedigree.

Diamond R Mayday Mayday Mayday "Mayday"

Mayday can smell anything from miles away.  She has been a great house dog, motivated & smart upland hunter, hiker, and knows exactly when it's playtime and relaxation time.  At 53 lbs Mayday is a playful pup in a perfect-sized package! She and her pups get many compliments on their looks and loving, playful, epic personalities.  Her puppies have become great outdoor companions, smart,  good hunters, and calm family dogs.   Mayday & Roger have made excellent labs for both in and out of the field with perfect temperaments. 

Diamond R The Ol' Razzle Dazzle"Razz"

Razz joined us from Kansas, and she is a smart and driven addition to our girls.  She has been extremely confident in water entries and retrievals, and we have watched her become a truly exceptional waterfowl hunting companion but is happy to be a lounging house/truck dog whenever she's not hunting. Razz hangs around 60 lbs, and has a beautiful heavy build and a cuddly goofy soul! 

*Razz is in our host program in Bozeman

Diamond R Queen Bee "Queenie"

Queenie is from Delaney (retired) x Yonder.  She has been a calm and loving addition to Diamond R, and to her outfitter host family in southwestern Montana.  She has excelled in every way during hunting season, and her quiet and calm attitude rounds out her personality. You can catch Queenie on the river, or on the porch at Great Divide Fly Shop.  Queenie will continue Delaney's profound legacy in the many years to come.

*Queenie is in our host program in Divide

Diamond R New Era Go Go Gidget "Gidget"

Gidget is from an outside breeder in Nebraska.  We have been delighted with her progress, she is a sweet soul with 150% commitment to hunting and retrieving.  She is smart and is a machine outside, and has the most loving attitude inside. She loves all kids, dogs, horses... just everyone! She comes from an impressive pedigree of extremely accomplished hunting dogs and we look forward to her continuing a hunting legacy here at Diamond R. Her pedigree when combined with a Diamond R stud has been absolutely epic in the field and will gladly finish the work day on her couch. 

Diamond R Duck Breath "Duckie"

A beauty by any standard and a love bug to boot! Birdy as they come from the get-go, we are so happy to have this (VERY) smart adorable gal added to our home. She is an absolute duplicate in wiggly friendly temperament and looks of her dad, Roger.   Duck is a loyal, truly family-oriented hunting dog which is the embodiment of what we strive for at Diamond R.  Her pups have shown these desirable traits as well. 

From Missy x Roger 2020

Diamond R Barracuda Kisses "Cuda"

This sweet gal is our newest (smiley-est) member, and has been a loving dog who is excited to work and just hang out.  Both parents come from generations of accomplished hunting dogs, and we look forward to watching her puppies grow up. 

She is highly athletic, Cuda is built to put the miles on so if you are looking for a hunting dog with stamina who wants to sleep by the fire at the end of the day, this will be the mom for you. Her siblings have become service dogs, hunters, and hiking buddies. She is small, but has a huge heart for her humans!

From Cherry x Roger 2022




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