Diamond R Delaney 

Delaney is one of our most outgoing dams. She has a beautiful wavy coat that is a rare old quality found in Labs and weighs around 68 lbs.  Delaney has a classic square head with a great nose.  Going on runs and playing fetch are her top activities.  Pups have been proven waterfowl and upland hunters & easy-going. 

Diamond R Matilda "Tilley"

Tilley is a more quiet and reserved dog, but she is fast and has an amazing nose like her daughter Mayday.  She has a long coat on her, and a lovely proportioned 58 lb body with a big old lab tail.  She is the mother of our other females, Missy and Mayday. Her pups tend to be very playful, with great noses. 

Diamond R Dynamo "Momo"

Momo is large and friendly. At about 70 lbs, she is our largest female, and Yonder's litter-mate.  They share similar personalities. Momo has the most American style head and a long body.  A sweet tempered dog, she is incredibly agile and has a great retrieve. 

Puppies have been easy to train and have great noses.

*Momo is currently hosted in Bozeman


Diamond R Cherub 


Cherry is small, 50 lb driven chocolate who came from an outside breeding in Montana in 2019 to join our family.  Her puppies should be fantastic hunters, and very enthusiastic.  Cherry is built for running, we are excited to see what her pups do!

Up & Coming - 2021*

Diamond R Wild Caught Tuna "Tuna"

Tuna (Yellow) is an absolute athlete.  Her small stature (Our smallest dog at 45 lbs) makes no difference in the field.  More than happy to get all the pets at home, but dominates in the field.  If you're looking for personality, she's your dog. Tuna is the daughter of Cinch x Yonder and is Austin's personal guide dog.  We expect her puppies to be affectionate, athletic, and smaller than others with great hunting drive. 

Diamond R Mayday Mayday Mayday "Mayday"

Mayday (Black) can smell a rabbit, shed, or bird from miles away.  She has been a great therapy dog when visiting with elderly people, and knows exactly when it's play time and relaxation time.  At 50 lbs Mayday is the daughter of Tilley x Yonder and gets many compliments on her looks and coat.  We expect her puppies to be great outdoor-companions, smart, and good hunters. 

*pending passing health tests at 2 years old November 2020. 




Diamond R Doc Tilley's Missy "Missy"

If you are looking for muscle and power, Missy is your gal. Tall and lean at 63 lbs, she is an athlete outside but totally calm inside. She's quick to spot birds and can clear any fence if she wants. Her male pups tend to be larger than other litters, females are average and all athletic, with a lean frame and long legs. 

Diamond R Its A Cinch, Girly  "Cinch"

A spit-fire chocolate lab, Cinch is quick, smart, and an amazingly docile mother. The 65 lb Chocolate Bullet might just win you over, her offspring have made for friendly family dogs and quick hunters.  She is the mother of our other female, Tuna. Puppies tend to be very driven to work, run, and hunt with a great retrieve.