Started Puppies & Further Training   

Crate training (1-2 weeks) is offered on a first-come-first-serve basis at $40/day for 1 pup a litter. However, crate training is not a secret process, and we don't have any "secret" tricks up our sleeves. Crate training is not impossible, it just requires consistency. We will walk you through the entire process on the day of pick up, and many many new Diamond R family members have had wonderful success on their first puppy. 

If you would like beginner to advanced hunting training (5 months and older), we have a select few trainers we have worked with.  Prices for a basic started pup with us vary based on weeks spent with us.  Prices for outside training will need to be discussed with your chosen trainer. 

We do not board dogs.  Please do not bring your dogs to the property so we can ensure the continued health of our puppies and dogs.


For more information, leave a detailed message on our contact page to send an email or call us and leave a message.

If you are looking for a started dog, we recommend contacting Morgan Moody (County Road Kennels) or John Herr of John Herr Dog Training. 

If you would like to learn about our hosting program for waterfowl/upland hunters or apply to be a great family home for a retired dog, contact us today.   

Started Dogs