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Contact Us to Join the 2024 Waitlist

Wait time is consistently around one year.  Please contact us well in advance.

What's included in your $1800 for a Diamond R Puppy?

  • Genetic OFA Hip/Elbow/Eye Tests 

  • Other genetic tests of our breeding dogs (EIC, CNM, and more)

  • Vet-check at 6 weeks old 

  • De-worming & updated shots

  • Extensive socialization with people & older dogs

  • Sensory introduction to loud noises

  • Dewclaw removal

  • Guarantee against genetic hip dysplasia for up to 28 months as well as degenerative eye disease (Read the Guarantee Page for more)

  • Access to us for training and health questions


Our puppies are dewormed and given shots according to our Vet's recommendations.  We take great care to socialize them, get them ready for crate training to decrease stress when they do head to their forever home, and introduce them to loud noises and bird smells.  Puppies go home at 7 weeks old (or the following weekend after 7 weeks if the 49th day falls on a weekday). For out-of-state or country owners, we do offer in-cabin shipping. Shipped puppies will only be sent at 8+ weeks of age, and we take extra time to get them used to their crate, so they stay calm and happy during the trip.  Please read our shipping page for more information. Chocolate Labs, Yellow Labs, and Black Labs are available.  Our puppies are sold with limited registration, although full registration can be purchased later on a case-by-case basis. However, this needs to be arranged **PRIOR** to breeding your labrador.  Call to discuss our terms. We ask you to go through the same genetic and health testing as we do for our dogs. We reserve the right to refuse unlimited registration to anyone in order to ensure the quality, health, and safety of all Diamond R Dogs and possible puppies. ​

About Diamond R Puppies ​

We breed based on a combination of multiple traits, and therefore all our puppies and dogs look slightly different than their siblings.  We work with you to find the right match for your lifestyle and goals, and we are focused on the quality of life of our dogs and puppies first.  We are in constant communication with our Vet at Hardaway Vet, past owners, current owners, and dogs to make sure that we are producing healthy and happy litters.  We only send home pups from early spring to fall, so avoid winter travel and make sure our females can hunt during the winter and don't miss out on the fun! Please expect to wait around 1 year for a puppy. Each puppy has the same opportunity to become a fantastic hunting and family/adventure dog! 

Read about Deposits here.


Puppy & Litter Information

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