Deposits & Puppy Info

Before making a deposit you must read the following 

  • Deposits are first-come first-serve and determine pick order based on date received.  Deposits are recorded when received.

  • Please expect between a 16 month - 2 year wait. Specify color, sex, and breeding pair preferences if any.  Multiple preferences welcome and will most likely speed up the wait. As chocolate is a recessive gene, please expect a longer wait for chocolate pups.

  • Deposits are $100 per puppy ($1200 total with $1100 due on puppy pick up, +$30 Charge if by Paypal) and are Non-Refundable. 

  • We do keep our own name at the top of each waitlist list, but we only choose 1 puppy every 10 months-2 Years and we will let you know ahead of time if we are choosing from a litter you are also in line for.


  • When your litter is born, we will let every person on the waitlist know within 5-7 days. 

  • Once you have been notified of an available puppy, you have 3 days to confirm your preference and acceptance of the puppy.  If we do not hear from you within 3-4 days, and have contacted you via email and/or phone twice, we reserve the right to move onto the next person in line. 

  • If you decline your agreed-upon spot in line after you had previously confirmed it, we reserve the right to roll your deposit to the bottom of the next litter(s) depending on circumstances and the next deposit(s) in line will take your place. 

  • Puppies are picked up at 7 weeks (8 weeks minimum for shipped puppies)  Any puppy left with us past 8 weeks, unless due to shipping or weather, we will charge $20 per day per puppy for food. 

  • Puppy visitations are encouraged! However, we do not allow visitation before the puppies are 3 weeks old for safety.  

  • On the day of Puppy Picking, we will arrange time-slots on that day in order of deposits. If you are unable to make your slot, you will need to choose your puppy before that day in person or over the phone with our assistance and pick up your puppy later.  We spend a lot of time with these pups, and will know which one will fit you and your family the best and would love to help out in any way we can. 

We do not accept payments plans, but we can arrange payments before receipt of puppy if preferred.  

Cash, check, or Paypal (+3%) of full amount due upon receipt of a dog.