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Deposits & Puppy Pick Info

Before making a deposit, please read the following. 


Valid as of Oct 2022

​- Deposits are a non-refundable.  You must contact us before sending the deposit, or we will not accept it.  Please get in touch with us in advance for a PRO discount if you are a hunting or fishing guide or a military or veteran family.

- If we offer you two different puppies within your specified timeline and color preferences and you refuse each puppy, we can consider your deposit void and non-refundable.  Please let us know your correct color/Male/Female preferences, so you are called only for the puppy you would prefer.  


- We have six different running waitlists (Black, Yellow, Chocolate x Male or Female), and you can be on all six or any combination of those lists with your $200 deposit. Breeding pair preferences can be requested but cannot be promised. We strive to create excellent breeding pairs from all breedings. The deposit determines your pick order based on the date received.  We do not sell pick orders or first picks.  

- We keep our name at the top of each waitlist but only choose one to two puppies per year.


- When your litter is born, we will inform the waitlist around one week after. Please let us know if you are planning to be out of service, traveling, or have changed emails, and give us multiple ways to contact you or someone in your immediate family.  

- Once we can reach you about an available puppy, you have two days to confirm your acceptance. If we cannot contact you and have attempted via all email and phone numbers given to us twice over three days, we reserve the right to move on to the next person in line.  


-If you confirm that you will take a puppy from a litter and decline later before Pick Up day, we reserve the right to roll your deposit to the bottom of the waitlist. 

- Puppies are picked up in Ennis, MT, beginning at seven weeks.  If you live out of state and want us to travel with your pup, he/she will travel with us in the cabin with Delta Airlines after eight weeks. Please read the shipping page for more details. Puppies picked up after eight weeks will be charged $40 per day for crate training. 


- On the day of Puppy Pick Up, we will arrange each Pick-Up appointment in order of the deposit. If you cannot make your 1-hour appointment on Pick Up Day, you must choose your puppy with our assistance over the phone on Pick Up day or before. 

Since we breed three different colors of Labradors and can have all three (black, yellow, chocolate) shown in one litter, we understand the deposit and waitlist policy may differ from others.  As always, feel free to call us with any questions.  

Cash or check of the remaining amount due upon receipt of a dog.  

Military or veterans families, or current guide/outfitters, Contact us!

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