Diamond R Kennels was located in our hometown of Belgrade, Montana but transitioned to our permanent home in Ennis, Montana in March of 2019.   All our dogs live in pairs in large runs so they can socialize and exercise all day.  They have large trees, shade, and water to keep cool in the summer as well as an indoor kennel section in the winter.  We run them on 30 acres where they can play, train, and swim and have a dog park with 4 acres and a stream. 


The puppies are whelped by our office with a heated room just for puppies with 4 whelping areas. We have built this barn specifically with dogs in mind and stay there while puppies are whelped to keep an eye on the mom and pups.  We keep everything clean and warm and have heated floors to ensure pups are always warm and healthy!


After about four weeks of age, puppies also have an open-air run so they can begin house-breaking early and have room to play. In the indoor whelping pens, we use bedding of wood shavings and the pups share an open kennel to sleep in to begin an introduction to crate training.  All these factors are key to keep puppies calm and have a faster start to training in your own home.  We pride ourselves on socializing all litters with visitors and our staff.  We use vacuums and music near the pups in order to send home more confident puppies used to loud noises and people.  

Appointments Required for Visitation!

Our Home | Ennis, MT