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Puppy Guarantee

The following agreement and guarantee is between Diamond R Kennels (Seller) and the purchaser (Buyer) regarding any puppies or dogs purchased from Diamond R Kennels (Pet).


Seller warrants each Pet is in visually good health at the time Buyer assumes ownership and offers the following guarantees against genetic hip dysplasia, and genetic eye disease resulting in blindness.


Hip Dysplasia:

If Pet fails an Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) hip certification at two (2) years of age (the minimum age required by the OFA board), Buyer should notify Seller if they wish to receive a replacement puppy.


Seller does not offer another puppy for hip dysplasia that turns up at a later age after 28 months, as it is now understood that a multitude of environmental factors contribute to late-age hip dysplasia. It is understood that hip dysplasia can be caused by poor nutrition or injury and that the pet is guaranteed to the extent of genetic hip dysplasia only. 


The hip dysplasia guarantee is only valid if Pet has not been bred or sired a litter, are no older than twenty-eight (28) months of age, and has not been spayed or neutered before twelve (12) months of age. 


Genetic Eye Disease:

If Pet is diagnosed with a late-onset form of progressive retinal atrophy known as rod-cone degeneration (prcd-PRA), or Dwarfism with retinal dysplasia (oculoskeletal dysplasia), Buyer may choose a replacement puppy. Buyer must provide a copy of diagnosis from a Veterinary Ophthalmologist to Seller.


Seller Does NOT Guarantee:

  • Seller does not guarantee Pet‘s size, color, temperament, or the ability to reproduce.

  • Seller does not guarantee against ear mites, worms, or bacterial infections at the time of sale or thereafter.

  • Seller does not guarantee against elbow dysplasia, PRA, EIC, CNM, or any other “genetic” or “congenital” defects, or other health concerns other than those described above.


Buyer Agreements:

It is understood that unless sold with full registration, any offspring of the pet are not AKC registered Labrador retrievers. Spaying and neutering are not required at maturity, and spaying or neutering before 1-year-old voids your Hip Dysplasia Guarantee.

Buyer agrees to cover all veterinarian expenses including wellness checks, possible life-altering genetic defects, yearly exams, or any other veterinarian expenses incurred after Buyer assumes ownership and/or possession of Pet. Seller is not responsible for any veterinarian expenses incurred by Pet or Buyer. Buyer agrees to assume responsibility that all appropriate vaccinations and de-worming medications will be administered to Pet per veterinarian recommendations. Buyer agrees to maintain Pet’s health in good condition and to provide yearly examinations, vaccinations, heartworm tests, and any other usual procedures necessary to assure good health of Pet. Buyer agrees to provide a suitable area for Pet to have adequate food, water, shelter, and to be housed securely.


Buyer agrees that Seller has no liability for any injury or sickness that occurs on Buyer’s property once Pet is in the possession of the Buyer.


Buyer agrees to cover all transportation costs of Pet. Seller does not assume any responsibility for the shipping costs if a pet is required to be shipped back into the seller’s possession.


Buyer agrees that, If at any time Buyer decides to relinquish ownership of Pet for any reason, Seller must be notified and given the right to the first refusal.


Replacement Puppy Information:

If a replacement puppy is requested, the replacement puppy will be given without charge to the Buyer and will be the next available puppy, and the Buyer will be added on the wait-list on all 6 combinations.


For the replacement puppy to be placed, the following terms must be met:

  • Buyer notifies Seller promptly after the above-guaranteed condition is diagnosed.

  • If Pet is diagnosed with hip dysplasia, a copy of OFA’s refusal must be sent to the Seller

  • Pet must not have been bred or sired a litter.

  • Buyer must provide Seller with a written statement from a licensed veterinarian stating if/ when the pet was spayed or neutered.

  • If Pet is diagnosed with a genetic eye disease, Buyer must provide copy of the diagnosis from a Veterinary Ophthalmologist to Seller.


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