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Our Story

In 1982, Pete and Tanya Rothing started Diamond R Kennels with their foundation bitch, Diamond R Sexy Sophie. Sophie’s bloodline is one of very few chocolate bloodlines in the country to consistently produce top quality performance dogs that were still a joy to have in the home.

Over 36 years later, we still continue the legacy of Sophie. In 2017, Austin purchased Diamond R Kennels from his good friends, the Rothings. After being a waterfowl and upland guide for more than 8 years, he liked what he saw in temperament of a Labrador and wanted to work with dogs that would compliment his hunting passion!

My family had owned 2 chocolate males from Diamond R, their first was born in 1988. "Cannon" and I grew up together hunting and playing, and was my fathers personal favorite dog he had ever hunted over until his death in 2002. We buried him in his favorite hunting spot in Northern Montana. In 2003, my parents purchased their second Diamond R lab, "Spirit" who was the love bug of the home and was also an amazing goose dog for my sister and I. When Spirit died in 2015 we buried his ashes next to one of our rescue dogs, Trek, on the mountain near our home. In 2018, we were happy to personally send them home (surprise Mom!) with their third chocolate, "Otter".

When Austin purchased Diamond R, we had only dated a year and I offered to take over all social media and make him a new website. The learning curve was big on both our ends, but 2.5 years later, married and owning our own home with 11 dogs we made it!

Even though we have only owned Diamond R for a few years, we love hearing stories from past clients of the Rothings, and have made our own friendships with clients that keep us updated on their awesome dogs. I love hearing how much each pup is loved and cared for in their new home. That famous lab trainability, athleticism, loving companionship are what we strive for in each breeding so it's great to hear those confirmed in every dog. We have lucked out with such a great line and breed to own, and we hope that you agree!


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