General Puppy Development

Labrador Retriever Development

From the time of breeding ​to the whelping date is around 63 days, and the puppies are born usually at night 30 minutes to sometimes even 2 hours apart.  So a litter of 10 takes 8-15 hours to be born. 

Week 1: Puppies can't walk, hear, or see.  They depend on smell to find their mother's milk.  We take off dewclaws during this week. 

Week 2: Eyes begin to open this week and they will start to hear at the end of  the week however they still have difficulty walking, hearing and seeing. 

Week 3:  Eyes and ears are functioning.  Puppies can see, but not very far and very poorly.  They can waddle slowly everywhere and begin to play with each other at the end of the week.  We de-worm puppies on week 3. 

Week 4: We begin to pull the mom out for more and more hours so the puppies can develop independence and begin to eat solid food. We open up their outside pen for bathroom use to begin the idea of not going to the bathroom inside.  

Week 5:  Toys and Outside time are introduced.  Individual collars are put on, personalities begin to develop. They are fully weaned from their mother. 


Week 6:  Individual Vet Checks, first shots, and another de-worming.  Puppies grow into their personalities and we can easily distinguish puppies from each other. 

Week 7: High energy = lots of hard naps. The end of week 7 is when pups begin to go home!